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With ActiveMail you will easily perform your emailing and monitor each steps precisely!

Emails files upload/download functionality: email lists can be uploaded from an csv file residing on your computer. These lists, once on ActiveMail, can be manipulated (crossing with other lists, status reporting, …) and downloaded on your computer in Excel format.

Forbidden email list: allows you to create and manage a list of emails whose recipients should not be emailed.

Add extra emails: can add new emails to an existing mailing list.

Status reporting and resend option: when a emailing action is performed, the status of a email (sent/error) is provided. A retry mailing option is available for all non sent emails.

Tracking: click-through usage, specify who (email) did click on what hyperlink, how many times and when. Results can be ranked and searched. This list can be displayed and downloaded in Excel format.